Michael’s Tips for Depression

(The following is taken from the winter 2013 issue of esperanza magazine, Volume 5, Issue 2, in an article by Robin L. Flanigan who interviews Canadian sportscaster Michael Landsberg who suffers from depression and is fighting the stigma associated with mental health issues)

In confronting depression, think of the word SLAM:

S is for Share.  Start with one person and then keep adding.  No one gets better from this unless they share, and it all begins with one person.

L is for Learn.  Knowledge is power.  Learn everything you can about depression and treatments.  Most of all, read about other people’s experiences.

A is for Action.  Make an appointment with someone – anyone – to begin the treatment process.  Sometimes it take what seems like forever to get the help you need, so start ASAP.  Your general practitioner is a great place to start.

M is for Memo.  Write down your feelings on days you feel good.  When we’re “sick,” we’re lonely and hopeless, and we lack confidence.  At those time, I find it incredibly helpful to read my own words describing how I feel on a good day.  They remind me that there is “another” me.  It is so easy to forget.