Election of New Board of Directors

  • ATTENTION: Essential information for all NAMI Columbia County members:
    Sometime in March or early April 2019 we will be holding our annual general
    membership meeting (a potluck). At this meeting we will be electing or re-electing, a
    new Board of Directors. PLEASE BE SURE TO ATTEND SO THAT YOU CAN
    VOTE! The exact date and location will be determined at the January Board of Directors meeting and you will be notified.
  • We strongly encourage members to submit their name to be elected to the Board of
    Directors. The requirements are:

    1. That you are a member in good standing with NAMI
      (dues paid),
    2. That you are willing to work to improve NAMI. This is NOT a
      prestigious honorary position – it requires that you are willing to donate time to get work done for the benefit of the mental health community,
    3. You are expected to attend the quarterly Board of Directors meetings,
    4. You should be willing to accept and execute an officer position (president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer) or head committees for specific projects (for example, membership).

If you meet the requirements above, you are eligible to be elected to the Board. If willing,
current Board members can be re-elected for two additional terms. A term lasts 2 years.
Following the general membership meeting there will be a Board of Directors meeting to elect officers. In accordance with NAMI-CC bylaws, officer positions are selected by the Board of Directors; not election by the general membership. Please, seriously consider
volunteering/running for election – the future of NAMI-CC depends on having sufficient Board members.

If you would like to submit your name for election to the NAMI Columbia County Board of
Directors, please forward your name to Fred Anders: 931 County Route 28, Valatie, NY 12184 or anderhous@gmail.com by no later than January 16, 2019. A ballot will be made available to members in advance of the general meeting. At the general meeting candidates will be given a 2 minute opportunity to introduce themselves to the general membership prior to the voting. Voting at the meeting will be done by paper ballot. Members may vote at the meeting, by proxy, or mail so long as the ballot arrives prior to the general meeting.

Additional information about the Board of Directors and their duties can be found in the NAMI Columbia County Bylaws, which are on our website. You may also wish to talk with current or past presidents (Heather Lloyd, Pat Anders) or other Board members to improve your understanding of what it is like to serve on the NAMI-CC board and how you can help the mental health community.